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our operations

As a church in Belfast, we run a myriad of operations out of our Community centre in Bradbury hub. This space, although has been very useful is small and therefore limits what we can do. With the establishment of a permanent homebase, we are able to consolidate all operations into individual designated spaces. Below are the some of the projects we have running concurrently. Click each one to find out more.

our operations

Children and youths being constantly equipped to be agents of change to the wider community.

To help alleviate the pressure on families and individuals while a permanent solution is sought by offering food packs to those in need.

We help children ages 8-14 with Maths, English and Science and equip children and teens (ages 8-18) with music and IT skills.

ignite - rebuilding the wall

An annual worship event now in its 15th year. 

Young adults who are on fire for Christ and help each other through life

Our workshops bring people together across cultural barriers.


Hello, the foodbank helped us a lot, everyone is so kind and lovely. 

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